Tata Green Velocity Plus YTZ7-H Two Wheeler Battery (24+30)

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Designed while keeping scooters and bikes in mind, our brand-new 6ah battery boasts of cutting-edge Japanese technology from the house of GS Yuasa and TATA’s impeccable industry know-how. This battery is engineered to let you rule the road.
  • Warranty:24 Months Flat + 30 Months Pro-rata
  • Capacity:6Ah
  • Battery Voltage:12 Volts

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Compatible Products: BSVI 350CC, STUNNER F1, CBR250, H’ness CB350


Velocity Plus YTZ7 – H

Total Warranty

24 Months Flat +
30 Months Pro-rata

Battery Type




Reserved Capacity


Battery Voltage

12 Volts


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