Tata Green Velocity Plus GYZ20L VRLA Bike Battery (12+12)

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Designed to power your rides, especially the premium motorcycle segments, our brand’s new 20 Ah VRLA battery boasts of cutting edge Japanese technology. It comes from the house of GS Yuasa and bears Tata’s impeccable trust. This battery is engineered to let you reign over the road.
  • Warranty:12 Months Flat + 12 Months Pro-rata
  • Capacity:20Ah
  • Battery Voltage:12 Volts

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Compatible Products: CB 300R, GL 1800, Forty Eight, DYNA Street


Velocity Plus GYZ20L Two Wheeler Battery

Total Warranty

12 Months Flat +
12 Months Pro-rata

Battery Type

Two Wheeler


176(H) X 87(W) X 155 (H)

Reserved Capacity


Battery Voltage

12 Volts


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