Luminous Inverter SW UPS ICON 1100

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Icon is a revolutionary inverter series with dedicated battery enclosure. It is ergonomically designed to add convenience during battery water top-up process and ensures safety with shock proof design and hidden terminals. The series supports LVFC (low voltage fast battery charging) technology which reduces battery charging time. Equipped with pure sine wave  technology, Icon complements the décor of your living space.

  • Capacity- 900 VA, Maximum bulb load- 756 W
  • Technology- Sine Wave Technology
  • No of battery supported- One Battery (12V)
  • Designed with a dedicated battery enclosure
  • Next generation revolutionary inverter design for hassle-free battery water top
  • Fast, low voltage battery charging starts at 95V with full charging current
  • Fast battery charging current- 17 Ampere
  • Mains fuse protection in case of short circuit
  • Simplified inverter indications with LED lights representing Normal (Green) and User attention (Red) conditions
  • No open wires as battery is encapsulated in the inverter making it completely safe
  • Supports all Tubular batteries from 150Ah – 250 Ah (battery needs to be purchased separately)
  • What’s in the box?

    1N Inverter, 1N Manual

  • Dimensions (in cm)

    76.5 X 50.5 X 24.6

  • Technology

    Sine Wave

  • VA Rating

    900 VA

  • Max Charging Current(in Amp)


  • No. of Batteries Supported


  • Eco Mode Voltage Operation

    85 – 290 VAC

  • UPS Mode Voltage Operation

    180 – 265 VAC

  • Change over time (Milli Sec)


  • Net Weight(In Kg)

    13 ± 3%

  • Warranty

    24 Months (For detailed terms and conditions of warranty please refer to the warranty card supplied along with the product)


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