Luminnous Inverter ECO WATT NEO 700

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Eco Watt Neo series with Intelligent Square Wave technology  is a best seller from the house of Luminous. It is equipped with advanced microprocessor based design, fast battery charging, user friendly LED indications, battery selection switch for longer battery life and improved performance and many other protection features and alarms. It is suitable for Home, Office and Small commercial applications.

  • Capacity- 600VA, Maximum bulb load- 504W
  • Technology- Intelligent Square Wave
  • No of battery supported – One battery (12V)
  • Adaptive battery charging control (ABCC) ensures longer battery life & higher backup time
  • User friendly LED indication for checking performance of inverter battery system
  • UPS Mode, output voltage is kept in range of 180V to 260V – ensuring safety of sensitive appliances such as computers. In Eco Mode, voltage range is extended thereby reducing battery usage.
  • Advanced Micro processor design ensures reliable & quick switchover from mains to inverter & vice versa (less than 15 Ms)
  • Low voltage battery charging starts from 90V which makes it ideal for areas with low input voltage
  • Higher battery charging current than competition ensures faster battery recharge enabling optimum battery capacity during next power cut
  • Equipped with Over charging, overload, short circuit & over temperature protections & low battery, Switch over,
  • Supports all battery types Tubular, SMF Flat plate & local (80Ah – 220Ah)


  • What’s in the box?

    1N Inverter, 1N Warranty card

  • Dimensions (in cm)

    27.5 X 26.0 X 11.5

  • Technology

    Intelligent Square Wave

  • VA Rating

    600 VA

  • Max Charging Current(in Amp)


  • No. of Batteries Supported


  • Eco Mode Voltage Operation

    100 – 290 VAC

  • UPS Mode Voltage Operation

    180 – 260 VAC

  • Change over time (Milli Sec)

    < 20

  • Net Weight(In Kg)

    7.1 ± 3%

  • Warranty

    24 Months (For detailed terms and conditions of warranty please refer to the warranty card supplied along with the product)


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